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Research Paper in Review

This blog was due during the writing of the research paper, but I did not write it on time so this is a review of my research paper.

I enjoyed writing my research paper because I had complete freedom in what I wanted to write about. I found 17 sources that ranged from government information to news articles.

I actually enjoyed the research process. I normally dread this time consuming presses, but with the research paper I looked forward to finding the sources. I enjoyed learning new ideas about sports. One realization I made during this paper was that sports are almost wholly driven by money. I knew money was a factor in decisions that leagues make, but after further review money is everything. They base every decision off the dollar and how much it can help the league.

The previous post of all pictures is a speech about an event in my high school career. I participated in the Latin heritage club dance performance my sophomore year. This story is told through metaphors

I Propose A Paper

Humans have competed in sporting events since the ancient Greek times and the original Olympic Games. In the original Olympic Games only men could compete. In present times, this is no longer the case. Women have the same Olympic opportunities, as well as, many of the same opportunities as men in the world of sports, but something is holding women’s sports back. Something is keeping women’s sports from establishing successful leagues in today’s society. This is puzzling when one looks at all the other areas women have made gains. Is it money? Is it skill, or even marketability?Why are men’s leagues so much more successful than women’s leagues?

I was interested in writing a paper that had something to do with sports. Originally I was thinking of soccer, continuing on the theme that have I have carried throughout many of my rhetoric papers, but with Mr. Newman’s guidance I determined this topic would be impractical and too opinion based. I didn’t want to lose the sports theme, so Mr. Newman then helped me narrow down the topic to women’s sports. I finally started my research with the question, “Why have women’s professional sports not become popular in American Society?” As I began my research I became more more interested in why men’s sports are more successful than women’s sports. This interest was brought upon by the astronomical void in the coverage of men’s and women’s sports. The disproportionality of the coverage is not equivalent to the disproportionality of the performance of the women’s teams.

In this paper I will investigate why men’s sports are more popular than women’s sports. I have already discovered that women’s sports receive a fraction of the sponsors as well as media coverage that comparable men’s sports receive. I have found a scientific study that show how disproportionate this number actually is. The study also shows that even when a women’s sports peaks such as the Olympics or major international victories. The coverage can’t even break into the double digits I will release a survey that explores what people want to watch both entire games, and on highlight programs. This will give me me primary sources for data that will give me incite into what other people are looking for in their sports. I will not talk about requiring equality of leagues like Title IX requires(1). I will not talk about how these stories are reported, only that there is an obvious, disproportionate amount of coverage between the two gender’s sports coverage.

There are a variety of groups affected by this issue. For example, ESPN states it’s average viewer is 33 years old from this perspective I will seek out male teachers opinions on what sports they wish to view. The next perspective we must take is male, high school student. Since males make up the majority of ESPN’s viewers this is another extremely important. Next I will examine this from the female student’s point of view. As women’s sports I still on the rise this new group of women are the future advocates for women’s sports. The final group I will examine is female teachers. This group is not known for their

The sources relevant to my paper are sources that discuss why women’s leagues are unsuccessful; primary audiences for sports programs; and sources that discuss the major money to be made in advertising during sports leagues, as well as sponsoring teams, leagues and players. First I have a couple sources that exam and failed, women’s sports leagues. These sources include quotes from presidents of the failed and their take on what caused their league to collapse. I will be taking the information from these presidents and comparing it to information from men’s leagues to see if these factors are cited as why certain men’s leagues have had continued success. Next, I have a source and will conduct my survey to collect information about the primary audiences of sports programming. The goal of these sources is that they can be used to shed light on why sports networks have such a large disparity between men’s and women’s sports coverage. Finally, I am researching the money involved in the sporting world. I have multiple sources on the costs for sponsors and advertisers these sources will support the major idea behind my paper, that money guarantees success.

(1) http://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ocr/docs/tix_dis.html

Freak of Name

In my Rhetoric 102 class, we have been reading Freakonomics a book, by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, that takes a different approach to understanding controversial topics in today’s society. I was asked to respond to some questions about certain portions of the text.This is my response to: Identify an argument made by the authors that didn’t change the way you feel about a topic even though they gave evidence to the contrary.
In chapter 6 Freakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, they discuss the implication of a child’s name. They present many charts detailing names from the whitest to the blackest and from high-end to low-end, income and education. While these charts did bring out some of the emotions that Levitt and Dubner were looking for, I know my parents did not take these factors into consideration when choosing a name. 
Knowing where my name comes from, as well as my brother’s, I know my parents did not take any of these charts into consideration at all. I am named after a golfer, Corey Paven, and my brother’s name, Kyle, was picked out of a book of Irish names. My parents did not care whether our names foreshadowed high income or low income and high education or low education. I guess, with my brother’s name, one could say my parents chose by race, but they were not discriminating against names. 
From time to time I think about how I will name my kids. This chapter reopened my thought channel about how I wanted my kids. After some contemplation I knew I would not base it off of any of these charts. I will name my kid with a name that fits my last name. If I was conceited I could just pick a high-class, high-end name, but this is not the story I want to tell my child. I want to be able to tell my child about the origin of his name. I want to be something that means something to my family and not to society. Levitt and Dubner present many good ideas, but there is something about tradition that trumps acceptance. 


This blog post is an evaluation of Maggianos, an Italian restaurant in Naperville,IL. I based my evaluation of the restaurant on 2 major categories: environment and food. Each category received a score out of 10.

Environment: 9/10
Walking in to Maggianos, I noticed the old fashion theme, and lots of pictures. They ranged from classical pictures, that fit the restaurant’s theme, to pictures of celebrities like Will Smith, visiting the restaurant. Something that surprised me was the large bar immediately to my left as I walked in. There ere sports games playing and a steady flow of people for eight night. Continuing through the restaurant, the eating area was really long.

We sat in a corner booth and could view the entire eating area. The booths lined the wall and were slightly raised. Everything was wood and there were chandeliers lighting most of the room. I could not see where the food was coming from, but it was on the opposite side, back, of the restaurant. Alex was tasked with bathroom duty. From the pictures I saw it wasn’t too good. The garbage can was over flowing and the bathroom was not clean. This is disappointing for any restaurant no matter the time of day.

Food: 8/10
A quick over view of how Maggianos works. They have something called a Classic Pastas. These are simple pasta meals, but they are large portions. The best part about the classic pastas is that you get two meals. One you eat at the restaurant, the other is packed for you to eat at home. Four of us chose classic pastas. Andrew’s chicken Alfredo was the only meal that wasn’t a classic pasta.

The first food that came to our table was the bread. The bread could have been fresh out if the oven and it was complementary after two or three baskets of bread. We decided to save room for some food.

I am a big fan of ravioli and the Four-Cheese Ravioli was the best ravioli I have ever eaten. It was so warm that they gave me two plates, but this is not a bad thing. The ravioli was not smothered in sauce so I could taste all of the cheeses, and the pesto-alfredo sauce was good enough to be its own meal and the top covering of marinara sauce was included to enhance the flavor.

Next I tried Andrew’s Chicken Alfredo. I had never previously eaten chicken Alfredo so I did not
know what to expect from this dish. It turned out to be very good. The chicken tasted good and I enjoyed the Alfredo sauce. This being said, I have Nothing to compare it to because I have never had Alfredo sauce before.

Alex ordered the Taylor Street Baked Ziti i did not get much of the sauce, but the pasta seemed a little cold. This could have been because the ravioli took longer to cook so the Ziti had to sit before it could be brought out.

Abraham’s fettuccini Alfredo was also a little cold. I ate a larger piece of the fettuccini Alfredo and I could taste new flavors which I can assume was the Alfredo. Once again I had never had Alfredo sauce before so I cannot compare this to dish to one I have previously eaten.

Finally, I tried some lasagna. After biting into this dish I realized it was a sausage lasagna. I do not enjoy eating sausage so I did not particularly enjoy the lasagna. Also, My mom makes extraordinary lasagna from scratch so this dish never stood much of a chance.

The crème brûlée was another dish I tried for the first time and it was an interesting tasting desert. I cannot compare it to anything I have previously eaten, but I enjoyed it. The chocolate cake was dry and extremely rich The coffee cake cake tasted like coffee. I guess this is good but I do not like coffee. The cheesecake untold going to try the cheesecake so I cannot give her tonight I do not eat cheesecake. So eat the dinner, then leave before desert

The server was cute. She got our food to us in a timely manner, about 25 minutes, and gave us plenty of water throughout the evening. At one point she spilled a cup of water, of course she was looking at me. They did give Andrew’s pasta to the wrong person. This led to some trouble.

Maggianos is a nice family restaurant that anyone can enjoy. And I base my evaluation slightly more on food than the created environment. There were some temperature problems with the food but overall Maggianos is an excellent restaurant.
Overall: 8/10

The Medal of Honor

The Medal of Honor is the highest military honor a soldier can receive and it is not given to just anyone. Since the Medal of Honor’s creation in 1861, only 3,456 Medals of Honor have been given out. 610 of these medals have been given out posthumously.

The US Army website states that only the “bravest of brave” can receive the Medal of Honor. This exclusiveness help the honor keep its prestige. The event must also be well documented. This helps to make sure the recipient actually deserves the medal. The medal isn’t always bestowed right away. The government reads into every recommendation, carefully, and when they believe they have enough evidence to award the medal. They then proceed to have a formal ceremony in which the President of the United States bestows the only medal worn around the neck in the United States armed forces upon the recipient. If the medal is to be awarded posthumously, the president gives it to someone in his family.

The criteria for this award is simple but effective. It helps the medal keep its prestigie while still honoring our nation’s heroes. The concept of allowing cases to still be examined when ever new evidence comes available helps to make sure that all of our heroes that deserve a Medal of Honor get one; while the strict criteria makes sure only extraordinary deeds receive this extraordinary commendation.


This blog has focused a lot on soccer, but when an evaluation s assigned I knew I had to evaluate the embattled Bowl Championship Series (BCS). The BCS has controlled the NCAA Division 1 football national championship for over 20 years. It has been extremely controversial when it comes to snubbing deserving teams from big games. I believe the new playoff system is the way to go forward Division I football, but the BCS system is not as bad as believed.
I will admit that I did not follow college football and was too young to follow college football for most the BCS era. But there are examples from this year that the BCS is not that bad. Take for example Alabama versus Oklahoma. Alabama was over a two touchdown favorite to win the game. Oklahoma managed to upset Alabama and proved that the BCS can still yield good games.
Although the blunders are often and receive much more attention it is always nice to seethe system work like it’s supposed to.

Soccer is

This is the updated description for my remix. It is a trailer for soccer. It is based on my Literacy Narrative. My narrative was about the language of soccer. This video shows some of the many words that describe soccer, and give you incite in the culture and literature of the sport.

Soccer is

My remix is a “trailer” for soccer. This is based off my compare and contrast blog post Not Just Mexican. My blog post contrasted the two styles of soccer. The remix focuses on soccer as a whole it is designed to draw on the viewers emotion to promote soccer as a whole because, although, Some countries don’t play soccer as well it is still soccer, and soccer won’t disappoint.